Broken down car in summerHalfords has joined the ranks of breakdown recovery providers with its new Breakdown Cover service providing roadside assistance for motorists – and for cyclists.

The firm says prices start from 40p a week and there are five different levels of cover. Motorists can choose to have a single vehicle covered, opt for personal cover that provides assistance in any car (even if they’re a passenger), and also arrange short-term EU cover.

There are several different grades of coverage too: roadside and local, nationwide, and home assist. Prices, naturally, rise accordingly.

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Cycle recovery will be a boon to city commuters – cycle recovery is included, so cyclists and their broken bicycles will be recovered to their home or workplace, railway station, car hire firm or hotel.

Halfords is using a nationwide network of over 400 independent recovery operators to run the breakdown cover service. Its target is reaching customers within 40 minutes – and it aims, where possible, to repair the vehicle at the roadside within 60 minutes.

If repairs are not possible, customers can choose to have their car taken to a garage of their choice or a Halfords Autocentre. It is not mandatory to use a Halfords garage… but policyholders will be offered discounts on repairs carried out at Halfords branches.

Cyclists can choose to have their bicycle taken to the nearest Halfords shop or independent bike shop.

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Other incentives for policy holders include half price MOTs, 10 percent off servicing and a £10 gift voucher.

“We service and repair thousands of cars and bikes every week,” said a Halfords spokesperson. “Now, our customers will be able to access our range of services while out on their journeys.

“With the launch of our new Breakdown Cover, our policy holders will benefit from the expertise of over 700 Halfords shops and Autocentres.”