car theft claims at seven year high

Insurance companies are paying out more for car thefts than they have for the past seven years, claims the trade body for the insurance industry, The Association of British Insurers.

The figures for theft claims for January to March of 2019 are the highest since 2012. And while the ABI hasn’t given exact numbers, it acknowledges the proliferation of keyless car theft has played a part. 

car theft claims at seven year high

Recent figures from specific sources have corroborated claims of a rise in keyless theft. Tracker reported that 92 percent of cars it recovered in Essex were stolen using keyless theft, and that 88 percent of cars it recovered in 2018 were taken this way.

New top-line SUVs are a popular target, including the BMW X5, Range Rover Sport and Mercedes GLE.

car theft claims at seven year high

New cars with keyless systems have been slammed for their poor security, with numerous manufacturers issuing software updates.

Of 11 brand new 2019 models tested by Euro NCAP, six were ranked at least ‘poor’, with the Suzuki Jimmy getting an ‘unacceptable’ rating.

The Porsche Macan was updated to a superior rating, following clarification around the specification of a motion sensor in its key fob.